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You have invested countless resources and hours of time in building your enterprise – unfortunately, no business is immune from legal issues that can jeopardize the success of these efforts. Litigation can be an immense roadblock, halting the forward motion of your venture and tying up your attention. So when situations arise that disrupt your operations and pose a threat to your bottom line, you need legal counsel you can rely on.

This is where Attorney David Hunt comes in – his years of experience in negotiation and litigation positions him as an invaluable resource should you find yourself facing any form of legal dispute. With a deep understanding of the complexities of business law across all sectors, you can be confident that your interests will be safeguarded so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

Services & Proficiencies

Working with David Hunt means that you have a skilled business dispute litigation lawyer in your corner. His areas of proficiency include, but are not limited to…

Breach Of Contract

Contracts serve as the cornerstone of every business venture, but when agreements sour, there’s no end to the damage they can do. With years of experience supporting clients through every stage of contract negotiations and litigation, Attorney David Hunt can help you get away from the headache and back to work.

Fraud & Misrepresentation

Whether you are facing claims of securities fraud or other issues of misrepresentation, the result can be debilitating. Attorney David Hunt has assisted many clients through the litigation process, helping to save businesses millions of dollars from the potential fallout.

Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes

Your enterprise’s intellectual property may very well be the cornerstone on which it was built. When disputes arise that threaten the integrity of your IP, David Hunt will work tirelessly to ensure that you walk away with an outcome that secures your ability to proceed with clarity and stability.

Shareholder & Partnership Matters

Disagreements between you and your business partners can put a chokehold on growth. Litigation Attorney David Hunt is prepared to represent your interests so that you can get your business back on track.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

These claims can do more than disrupt your daily operations, they can upend your entire enterprise. Allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty can arise from a wide variety of situations and Business Litigation Lawyer David Hunt is prepared to guide you through to a resolution as swiftly as possible.

Strategies Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Attorney David S. Hunt has a proven track record of success helping multimillion-dollar businesses and entrepreneurs navigate litigation matters both before and after they arise. He is prepared to help you through various stages of active and pre-litigation by:

  • Counseling on effective corporate governance,
  • Assisting in carrying out board resolutions,
  • Managing stakeholder meetings,
  • Assessing litigation threats,
  • Representing you in court,
  • And more…

Depending on which sector of the economy your enterprise is in, there are specific laws that will impact the approach needed to effectuate a successful outcome. As one of Utah’s premier commercial litigation attorneys, Mr. Hunt is well-versed across industries and will guide you through each step with unmatched professionalism and attentiveness.

Legal Support For Investors

Salt Lake City has been home to one of the country’s largest tech booms – and many savvy investors are taking advantage of the quickly-growing economy. While no one expects to invest in a business or startup and end up in the courtroom, some are forced to litigate to protect their interests.

Attorney David Hunt offers legal counsel and representation for investors across industries. As a result, he is uniquely qualified to answer questions ranging from the most basic to the most complex subjects, such as:

  • Have I been defrauded?
  • What are my rights in a security fraud case?
  • How do I go about collecting in a security or stock fraud case?
  • What can I do if I invested in a company and am not getting paid back?
  • What are my options if I invest in a company and am now getting the runaround?
  • And more…

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Business Litigation Attorney David Hunt will play a vital role in setting you up for success by handling all the legalities you might face in moments of legal crisis. He is dedicated to preserving your efforts through efficiency, dedication, and a keen understanding of the law. If you find yourself facing a business litigation lawsuit, Mr. Hunt is Salt Lake City’s premier resource to keep your business moving in the direction you want.

If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact the firm for an assessment of your needs. You can reach Attorney David Hunt by clicking here or by calling the office at (801) 355-7878.

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