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Registration StatementWhat Is An S-1 Registration Statement?

A registration statement is a document that contains financial disclosures about a company before it goes public. The statement is published before the company offers securities, like stocks or bonds, to investors. The most common registration statement is made using Form S-1. A registration statement lawyer can ensure your business’s statement is accurate and within regulations.

Form S-1 is a document that consists of two parts. The first section, the prospectus, contains important disclosures about the issuer’s business operations and financials. These disclosures include the summary, risk factors, a discussion on management, and selected financial data.

In Salt Lake City, UT, and all of the United States, the SEC does not require companies to disclose all of their expenses, private placements, or financial information. However, if a company wanted to include any of these additional details, they would do so in part two of their S-1 filings. Mr. Hunt, attorney for preparing financial and legal documents, would always recommend companies consider voluntarily disclosing this type of information, although not necessarily required, since it can be valuable data for investors.

What Is A Regulation A Offering?

A Regulation A offering is a hybrid between a private placement and an offering registered with the SEC. A Regulation A offering is a private placement, but like a registered offering, the company raising money can publicly advertise its offering and sell to less wealthy, non-accredited investors both of which are generally prohibited in a private placement. The catch is that the Regulation A offering must have a full disclosure document complete with audited financial statements and be reviewed and qualified by the SEC. However, the disclosure requirements, reporting requirements and SEC review process and scrutiny is generally much less onerous that a public offering.

Regulation A is a great fit for many companies wishing to raise money because it broadens the company’s ability to publicize its offering and significantly increases the number of potential investors.

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